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Job description:
• Performs assembly tasks for landing gears and components.
• Perform all work by established safety and compliance procedures.
• Perform regular checks on equipment and maintain them in good condition.
• Ensure that all administrative and documentation tasks are closed upon completion of on-wing/AOG activity.
• Able to apply basic math and use some measuring instruments, able to carry out lock-wire tasks, and knowledge of using torque meters.
• Familiar with basic workshop mechanical tools and Precision measuring equipment
• Minimum 3 years in the aerospace industry with practical hands-on skills as an important requirement.
• Must be able to work independently with minimum supervision and should be task-oriented.
• Experience in the Landing Gear overhaul process and hands-on experience are added advantages.
• Highly accurate and detailed along with precision needed to accomplish the role.
• Minimum Diploma in aerospace or related field.
• must be below the age of 27 years old and physically fit.
Interested candidate:
1. send me your detailed resume to
2. Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview.

• 执行起落架和部件的组装任务。
• 按照既定的安全和合规程序执行所有工作。
• 定期检查设备并使其保持良好状态。
• 确保在翼/AOG 活动完成后所有管理和文档任务均已结束。
• 能够应用基本数学并使用一些测量仪器,能够执行锁线任务,并了解使用扭矩计。
• 熟悉基本车间机械工具和精密测量设备
• 至少3 年航空航天行业经验,重要要求是具有实际操作技能。
• 必须能够在最少的监督下独立工作,并且应该以任务为导向。
• 具有起落架大修过程经验和实践经验是额外优势。
• 高度准确、详细以及完成任务所需的精度。
• 航空航天或相关领域的最低文凭。
• 年龄必须在27 岁以下,身体健康。
1. 将您的详细简历发送至
2. 只有入围的候选人才会被邀请参加面试。

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